Giant Exoplanet Discovered

Solar Planet 8000 Times The Mass of Earth Discovered by Indian Scientists

‘Justice League’ Official Trailer 1

Stephen Hawking will travel to space on board Richard Branson’s ship

Is Facebook a Structural Threat to Free Society?

Is Facebook A Structural Threat To Free Society?

Odd Missive, by Leo Byrne Jenicek 3

Odd Missive, by Leo Byrne Jenicek
  The letter arrived inside an interoffice envelope and was put in Paul’s inbox, and in that way it was ordinary. But there is where ordinary stopped. The address read like this: Messrs L. Parsnip & P. Looseleaf 752 Inside Thoughtful Lane Chamber of the Next to Last A North-South Webbton, Old York The Borough ...

The Woman Who Must, by Roderick Gladwish 2

The Woman Who Must, by Roderick Gladwish
Winter was coming to the Black Valleys, and the first snow was grey sludge beneath the mercenaries’ boots as they struggled up the mountain. With no interest in a seventeen-year-old girl too tired to keep up, they staggered past Althea using their spent matchlocks as walking sticks. She tried to catch her breath. The forests ...

Carbonated, by Tom Grayhorse

Carbonated, by Tom Grayhorse
Vampire in the bar eating peanuts, had gone upstairs to check caskets. As the flattened chords of B-flat blues wandered through her oak pollen-filled nostrils, she awoke with lace around her body. The priest was a Martian with a love for whiskey. He took confession at the corner table. Despite vampire’s tastes in blood, he ...

Pink Goo, by Steven Lombardi 3

Pink Goo, by Steven Lombardi
Our story begins with a series of extraordinary events. The first involved a small mouse that burrowed through an inch of steel at the base of a street lamp. After biting its way through, the mouse leapt up a series of wires and, reaching the top, rewarded itself by nibbling away on a juicy red ...

Five Haiku, by Denny E. Marshall

Five Haiku, by Denny E. Marshall
Aliens’ attack Kills less of population Then we do ourselves * * * Black hole Pulls spaceship To the dark side * * * Buried under Mars For millions of secret years Lies Earth’s history * * * New robots for sale With Feelings or No-Feelings — I could not decide * * * The ...

The Final Request, by Sheri Rosen 1

The Final Request, by Sheri Rosen
“Good afternoon, Mr. Whitaker, Charlie,” said the waitress, nodding her head at the old man and young man sitting across from each other in the red booth. “What will you boys be ordering today?” The waitress was perhaps a bit too bright and perky for her age, Carl thought, as he squinted down at the ...