"Light Source" (a Prof. Paula J. Lynch story) by E.S. Strout

“No longer are laser guns the stuff of Hollywood and Strategic Defense Initiative fantasy. The Pentagon inside of a decade could be armed with such a beam weapon….” — Oakland Tribune, October 19, 2003 “You are the one, Neo.” — The Matrix 1. Professor Paula J. Lynch plopped her duffel bag on the steel deck ...

“Expetais” by Jeff Hemsley

I sensed no movement in the air and heard no sounds except my bare feet slowly padding along. I felt exposed walking down the deserted long hallway, so I kept as much to the side of the corridor as I could, though diffuse white light from the ceiling lit the ash-white walls and made hiding ...

“Failure to Communicate” by Ed McKeown

“What is it?” Over-General Ulat demanded, in tones of nitrogen with an overlay of imperious oxygen. “You’re ruining my contemplation of our glorious victory. ” He angled a stalked eye at the glowing remains of the humans’ small advance base on the horizon. The strange creatures with their superior technology had fallen to a surprise ...

"Memoirs of a Bounty Hunter" by Frederick G. Soper 3

I am a bounty hunter. I had never been and never wanted to be anything different, until now. I have chased Sally “Twinkle Toes” Barnett for over six months. She took me to Ganymede, Titan, and finally Moon Shadow, where I caught up with and arrested her.

"Heads" by Brian Wright

If she’d sprouted a third head at that moment it would have been less of a shock. The two sets of yellow eyes were staring into mine. “I’m having a baby,” her voices said in unison.

"The Third Law" by Keith P. Graham

“Emma!” Mike yelled. Emma’s body spun slowly, with one hand stretched out as though reaching for something. The other hand clutched the node of controls at her chest. She did not answer. There were yellow lights blinking along the side of her pressure suit.

10 Years Ago in Planet… "Noses" by Thithp of Blipp

Metal cylinder burn through world. Fiery screams. Awe. Terror. Much death. Silence.