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Trokar 'Poem'

by Trokar


Me, Trokar, no understand this poetry.


Prefer smashing, crushing, eating things!!!!


[Note: "This apparent poem was found among the imploded ruins of Lunar University in the fall of 2151 by Space Marines Inquisitor Tom Wagner, who was investigating the tragic accident for the Terran Imperial Government. It is believed that Trokar, a member of the vicious Krapslapp race from Sleetoh IV, who was captured in the Second Glomfaarg Wars, was an indentured freshman taking LU's Poetry 101 class for alien immigrants as part of his indoctrination into Terran culture. This poem is the only surviving document from the LU Disaster. Mysteriously, the only body not accounted for was that of Trokar himself. Interestingly, S.M. Inq. Wagner, a seasoned veteran of the Second Glomfaarg Wars, steadfastly maintained through the rest of his life that the document he found was not a poem by Trokar but in fact a threat, which subsequently had been carried out. However, Krapslapp literary scholars dismiss this theory, agreeing that Trokar 'Poem' is an alien masterpiece." - Excerpt from "Alien Literature Abducted and Dissected," by Imperial Poet Laureate Andrew G. McCann IV, A.D. 3001.]*


Poem copyright ©1999 by Tom Wagner <>

Poem Commentary copyright ©1999 by Andrew G. McCann <>

Artwork "Trokar sez - decap that yap!" copyright © 1999 by Lee Ward <>






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